Tip to unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3

Hackers have discovered a new method may simply unlocking of  phones smart Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3 to the network without or buy code unlock

Users only need to insert a SIM you want to use, then enter a special command structure consists of digits, then the system will access the UMTS network management and allows to remove the network lock. Below is the steps you need to take to be able to unlock 2 smartphone:

1. Insert the SIM you want to use the computer and restart the computer. 2. Enter the code * # 197328640 # and press send. 3. At the option
Main Menu -> [1] UMTS -> [1] Debug Screen -> [8] Phone Control -> [6] Network Lock 
       Options [3] Perso SHA256 OFF. Once selected, you need to wait about 30 seconds. 

4. Then go back and go to the 
[6] Network Lock, then select [4] NW Lock Data INITIALLIZ NV. 
And now, the Galaxy Note II and S III were able to work with a new SIM and new networks.
Nguyen Thanh

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